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How do I create Coupons?

Using coupons could be a great way to attract new customers to your online shop by giving customers a special offer or discount.

To create a new coupon for your store, navigate to Vendor Dashboard- Coupons. Then click on Add New Coupon.

Next, fill the fields with all the details and then Add New Coupon.

  • Coupon Title: Add the name you want to give your coupon.
  • Description: In this field, you can add what the coupon is about.
  • Discount Type: This drop-down lets you select between a percentage and a fixed amount for your discount.
  • Amount: Add the discount amount (percentage/fixed) here.
  • Email Restrictions: Choose to limit the coupon to certain emails if you like. If you insert an email then only customers with that email would be able to use the coupon.
  • Usage Limit: Add the number here if you want to restrict coupon usage to a certain amount.
  • Expire Date: If you would like for the coupon to remain usable only up to a certain time, select the expiry date from here.
  • Exclude Sale Items: Vendors can select this checkbox if they want to opt-out sale items from the coupon offer.
  • Minimum Amount: Select the minimum amount an order should be for a customer to apply for the coupon.
  • Product: You can select one, multiple, or all products you are selling
  • Apply for New Products: if you check this box then when a customer applies this coupon for a new product then the customer will get discount according to that coupon.
  • Exclude products: Vendors can also exclude the coupon from applying to a particular product or multiple products.
  • Show on store: Select this checkbox to display the coupon code on your storefront.

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