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How do I request an earnings payment Withdrawal?

To request your earnings payment withdrawal, go to your Vendor Dashboard – Withdraw. This is the Withdraw Dashboard. Note. – vendors can only make withdraw requests for orders that have been marked completed in Best Before.

When a Vendor Partner wants to be paid, they can request a withdrawal from the Vendor Dashboard. Simply click Withdraw Request and follow the prompts to receive your payment. Note – there is a Minimum Withdraw Amount: $50.00. If your balance is lower than the minimum amount, you will get the error “You don’t have sufficient balance for a withdraw request!

  • Balance shows your current balance, the minimum withdraw amount and the withdraw threshold.
    • Stores must have a minimum balance of $50 to request a withdraw
    • Click Request Withdraw to request payment
    • Vendors will get an email notification when their withdraw request is approved by the Best Before admin team
  • Payment Details shows information on Pending Requests, Approved Requests and Cancelled Requests.
  • Payment Methods shows the default payment methods that have been set up for yoru store. To make a change to these payment methods, go to Vendor Dashboard – Settings – Payment

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