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How do I add new products?

Creating new products is easy and can be done from the Vendor Dashboard in Best Before.

  • After logging into Best Before, go to Vendor Dashboard – Products – Add New Product. From here you can enter all the details for the product.
  • Select simple product for a single stand alone product. Select variable product ONLY if you have a product with variations – for example, a tee shirt that comes in different size and color options.
  • Enter the product name
  • Upload a product image to be used as the main image. To enter more than one image, click the Plus sign and upload more images.
  • Price – Enter the regular retail price in the Price field. Enter the Sale Price you are selling the product for on Best Before platform in the Discounted Price field. This will ensure that customers see the value and savings on each item you sell through Best Before
  • Enter prices inclusive of taxes
  • Select a Category for your product from the drop down list. If you do not see your category listed, use Uncategorized or contact us to get a new category added.
  • Enter product Tags and press enter. The word or phrase will be added as a separate tag
  • After you are done entering the required fields, click Create Product or Create & Add New

You will be redirected to the Product Edit page where you can edit and refine your products.

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