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What is Vendor Analytics?

Best Before vendor analytics uses data to vendors to help boost sales and traffic to the store site. Vendors can measure and track their store performances and find out whether their store is going well or needs improvements.

The analytics will help you find your top performing store pages, so that you can focus your time on the pages that get the most visitors. For example, improve the page by creating engaging designs, improved copywriting, upgrading content (photo, logos) and define your marketing strategies to engage visitors.

After finding the top performing pages, you can analyze visitors activities on those pages. For example how many visitors end their sessions by purchasing items, how many add items to carts, the bounce rate, new visitors, etc. You can track the activity of your target audience and identify any issues they are facing at each stage of the online experience. YOu can modify your online store to offer better experiences.

You can use vendor analytics to track user locations and target your marketing efforts to visitors who are coming from your target specific locations. This helps save you time, money and improve your store revenue at the same time.

You can use keyword optimized content to gain organic traffic from search engine result pages. The vendor analytics will show top performing keywords of your store as well as keywords that are not giving you a good result, allowing you to update them to make your store more visible to online users.

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