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Where can I configure the store pick up settings?

After logging into Best Before, go to Vendor Dashboard – Settings – Delivery Time. *note: this is for configuring store pick up, even though the heading says Delivery

In the Delivery Time settings, select Store Pick Up

  • Enter a blocked buffer setting – this is how many days are blocked after the current date of the order. This controls the preparation time for the you to prepare the products. Enter 0 for no blocked buffer.
  • Select the check box for days you want to offer store pick up. The corresponding tab will become enabled/disabled accordingly below
  • On the day of the week tab, enter the store pick up opening time and closing time.
  • Enter the time slot value, in minutes. Please keep opening and closing time divisible by slot minutes. E.g ( 30, 60, 120 )
  • Enter the number of orders you wish to process per time slot. Example: if you select 3 and the slot time is 30 that means you can take maximum 3 orders in a 30-minute time frame. Enter 0 for unlimited orders.

When you are done click Update Settings.

Note that you can set different opening, closing, time slot and orders per slot for each day that you choose. Not all days have to be set the same.

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