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What is featured in the Vendor Dashboard?

The Vendor Dashboard is a one-stop place to gather information, graphs, reports, analytics on your Best Before store. It also has settings for your store, your account, your payment method and more.

Here is a quick overview:

Vendor Dashboard

The main page shows your profile completeness, Sales information, Orders, Reviews, Products, and Announcements.

  • Sales – shows sales, earnings, pageviews and orders
  • Sales this month – a graph of sales and number of orders
  • Orders – shows total, completed, pending, processing, cancelled, refunded, and on hold orders
  • Reviews – shows all, pending, spam and trash
  • Announcements – shows any latest announcements from the Best Before admin team
  • Products – shows total, live, offline and pending review. Also gives option to quickly add new products

The sections along the left menu offer more options for store setup or information.

Products – shows all products with options to filter by date, category, product type. You can add new products. You can also search products, import from CSV, export to CSV. There is also a bulk action drop down that lets you edit, delete or publish multiple products at once.

Orders – shows all orders, completed, processing, on hold, pending, cancelled, refunded and failed orders. You can filter by date. You can export all or export just the filtered orders to a CSV.

Coupons – you can add new coupon, view coupons

Reports – View reports on sales, top earning, and more

Delivery Time – *this is actually the store pick up calendar* View orders ready for store pick up, by month, week, day or list view. You can filter the views.

Reviews – if you choose to allow store reviews from customers, you can view them here. You will see approved, pending, spam and trash. You can see the review author, comment, and rating

Withdraw – You can view your balance, min withdraw amount, withdraw threshold, payment details and payment methods

Analytics – view the vendor analytics for pages, activity, location, system, promotions, keywords

Announcement – view any announcements from the Best Before admin team, including updates, system outages, and more

Tools – Import and export wizards for CSV or XML

Settings – Store settings including banner image, logo, location settings, geo tagged map, store terms and conditions, store schedule, payment settings, vendor verification, store pick up settings, social profiles, store SEO and more

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